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'Include Me Out' Green Update...

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Stanley Green

In the last episode:

Sixth and final part of bassist/songwriter Martin Gordon’s (Sparks/Jet/Radio Stars) Mammal Trilogy.

And so, for the last time, here comes another installment of the Mammal Trilogy. Since the release of his ‘Time Gentlemen Please’ album in 2009, Gordon has lain low, observing proceedings with a jaundiced eye. Finally spurred into action by a combination of penury, misanthropy and an increasing hatred of ant-eaters (we do not include the entire species of the suborder Vermilingua, but specifically the genus Vermilingua peronatus singularis), he was driven to create ‘Include Me Out’ as the sixth part of the Mammal Trilogy.

And now:

Need some protein wisdom? Stanley Green is your man. He wandered the streets of London for 30 years dispensing invaluable information about fish, birds, eggs, lentils and sitting. Didn't know that sitting was dangerous, producing tremendous tsunamis of uncontrollable passion (according to Stan)? Well, now you do.

'Stanley Green' is part of Martin Gordon's new album 'Include Me Out', which will, if we raise enough to cover our costs via Pledge, be released in February 2013. There's a video of 'Stanley Green' below.

There is all sorts of STUFF which accompanies the music on 'Include Me Out'. (You might recall 'music', depending upon your age). The lyric book, the chord charts, the flashcard, the MIDI files and of course the secret mystery of the universe revealed (this last one is dependent on stock). If you like this sort of stuff, follow the Pledge link below. If you hate this kind of stuff and really want to annoy someone, forward it to them, that will do the trick.

YouTube logo Stanley Green video.
YouTube logo The creator discusses life, aliens and the new album.
Pledge logo The music, the STUFF!

When we say 'creator', by the way, we don't mean that one, with the big C. I should think not. He was a bit busy, what with smiting, plagues, famine, fat people, Syria, arming the world, Gerard Depardieu and all that.

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