Follow the Paypal/Amazon/Apple links to securely purchase your lifestyle-enhancing product. Clicking on a cover will whisk you off to an info page. PLUS! Free with every order – a copy of the Chris Townson-illustrated ‘God’s On His Lunchbreak Companion Volume‘!

And finally, all your stupidity needs concisely assembled in one place. The new album ‘Thanks For All the Fish’ features 15 new tunes, a wealth of guitars and drums, along with ukuleles, cellos, lutes, melodicas and fish. PLUS you get a real lyric sheet, and the sad Tale of Percy as a pdf. PLUS for a short time only, you get a choice of one free MG solo release to accompany your order. More here. NOW AT 12 EUR!

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(SINGLE) Second single from the album, released as a one-off Trump-friendly Blimp Baby remix to celebrate the Orange Pussy-Grabber's visit to the country of Yurp and his subsequent attempt to Find Russians. From the album ‘Thanks For All the Fish’. More oleaginous info here. Download here.

(SINGLE) Oh, what a surprise, apparently ‘God’s Not Great’ after all, despite all those miracles and virgins and endless booze and fish. Well well well, who’d have thought it. From the album ‘Thanks For All the Fish’. here. Download here.
Idiots(SINGLE) ‘Idiots’. Make no mistake, the British idiot is the finest idiot in the entire history of China. Everybody is saying this. More here. Download here.
Dump the Trump!(SINGLE) Dump the Trump! Download single from 2016. All proceeds go to the T.R.U.M.P. Foundation (Terminate Really Utterly Mad Presidents). More here. Download here.

Modern Major General(SINGLE) From GG&S, the modern major general had his own video.
More here. Download here.
GG&S cover'Gilbert Gordon & Sullivan’ – all yer G&S faves, lashings of Rickenbacker, Sviidish bafflement, bizarre facial hair, Rick Wakeman and more. More here. NOW AT 10 EUR!

Select your accompanying freebie CD -

The final part of the Mammal Trilogy. Well, until the next part, at any rate. The ‘Include Me Out’ limited CD edition is now sold out. Available only as downloads from Amazon, iTunes and all the rest of those e-tailers. More here. Download here.
Exclude Me InThese are MG’s demos for the above ‘Include Me Out’ album. ‘Exclude Me In’ is a solo extravaganza played with one finger and a comb and recorded in a peasant's hut on a Thursday afternoon in a hailstorm. CDs now sold out. More here. Download here.
RFVP013CD_120x119_th'Time Gentlemen Please’ was part V ('V' is Roman for 'trilogy') of the Mammal Trilogy. The CD is currently unavailable due to music business shenanigans. ("No, surely not!", we hear you cry). Downloads are available from Amazon, iTunes and and all the rest of those e-tailers. More here. Download here.
RF014_98x98This numbered limited edition CD includes Gordon's demos for the subsequent TGP album, performed and sung entirely alone in a flaming tin bath, fuelled by firewater and recorded using Laslo Bic's original Biro and two Coke cans. Downloads are available from Amazon, iTunes and all the rest of those e-tailers. More here. NOW AT 5 EUR!

Hello Boston!'Hello Boston!’ This recording of Gordon's US debut as a solo performer (along with Pelle Almgren and the Tristan da Cunha boys) is only available as a CD accompanying Radio Stars' ’Something For the Weekend’ release - see below. Recorded live in Boston in 2007, it's also available as download via Amazon, iTunes and others. More here. Part of 'Something For the Weekend' - see below. Download here.
The World is Your LobsterMartin Gordon/’The World is Your Lobster’ was part IV of the Mammal Trilogy – Amazon, iTunes – we think you get the picture by now. More here. NOW AT 5 EUR!

How Am I Doing So Far?Martin Gordon/’How Am I Doing So Far?’ – was basically an entry-level compilation of parts I-III for the unwary or uninformed (they are often identical), but includes four unreleased bonus tracks. Amazon, iTunes… here we go. More here. Download only.
God's on His LunchbreakMartin Gordon/’God’s on His Lunchbreak’ was part III of the Mammal Trilogy. God dropped in to give the project His blessing. And there's Amazon, iTunes... More here. NOW AT 5 EUR!

The Joy of More HogwashMartin Gordon/’The Joy of More Hogwash’ was part II of the Mammal Trilogy. Erotic details and love-making tips for Spaniards can be found by clicking on the cover, or else you can acquire it as a download from Amazon, iTunes and the rest. More here. NOW AT 5 EUR!

The Baboon on the BasementMartin Gordon/’Baboon in the Basement’. Part I of the Mammal Trilogy, and loosely based upon Jung's theory about cheeky monkeys. Or was it beavers? It also comes as a download from Amazon, iTunes and more. More here. NOW AT 5 EUR!

Something for the WeekendA live extravagonzo! This is a double CD release. Radio Stars ‘Something For The Weekend’ / Martin Gordon "Hello Boston!' special edition features Radio Stars live in the 70s. They steamroller through all their faves and also include songs which were restricted to live performance only. Unfortunately, the atonal version of 'Mull of Kintyre' does not make it onto the final release. It does however include Martin Gordon’s ‘Hello Boston!’ CD, recorded live at his US debut in that city in 2007. It is also available as a download from Amazon, iTunes and all the others. More here.

Herring cover (Japanese)John’s Children/Jet/Radio Stars (what’s the difference?)/’Music For the Herd of Herring’. They play stuff from all three bands. Oh, and a Sparks tune. Recorded live in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Order it now then! Or fishily get it via iTunes. And who were those other lot? Oh, yes, Amazon, now I remember. More here. NOW AT 5 EUR!

RF012CDth-copyMira/’New Hope For The Dead’ - insanely ambitious world music project. Mira performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and then collapsed. CD now available, plus Amazon, iTunes and more. More here.

RF004CDth-copyBlue Meanies/’Pop Sensibility’ available as download only. Details here. Amazon, iTunes and more. More here. Download here.

Hugo Portion has created a Radiant Future YouTube channel.

Ethical note:

Please note that all our products are made with the finest virgin plastic, hand-pressed by Bulgarian peasant women only after they have successfully passed an ISO-standard hygiene test. Please be aware that Radiant Future’s credit rating has not been reduced by Standard and Poors to F minus due to our predilection for having orange hair like a weird Scandinavian seaside plant.

Safety note:

Only small numbers of mammals were harmed during the creation of these luxury lifestyle items. Statistically insignificant quantities of fatty pork products may be included in the lavish packaging. Relatively minute numbers of idiots were involved in the creation of these premium audio artifacts. Radiant Future is unable to guarantee the total lack of nuts in these items. If in doubt do not eat or otherwise ingest these deluxe accessories. All products are prepared by friendly-looking old ladies with heartwarming smiles who look exactly like your grandmother.

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  1. Marco Boi Post author

    I’m afraid this is one of life’s imponderables. Why did she wear that bright yellow cape, dressed up a SuperBrexitWoman? We will never know. I can have a word with the Bulgarian peasant women, of course, but you know what Bulgarians are like. Strapping, hairy, covered in tattoos, they smoke like chimneys, they’re built like toilets and are extremely short-tempered. The men are even worse. But I will keep you posted.

  2. Mark Clayton

    Hi. Why oh why is Pop Sensibility not available on cd? Some of us like tangible things! I’m not one for downloads. Please get the Bulgarian peasent women to press me a real, 3d cd, with a smart booklet to read. Meanwhile, my collection of MG CDs is growing. Please don’t deny the world a cd version of Pop Sensibility! Kind and hopeful regards, Mark Clayton, collector of fine music ( ie, punk and its parents, children and grandchildren. And a few cousins.


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