OMG! Can you believe it? We can’t! We simply cannot believe it! You cannot be serious! It’s the new album.


Ooh, a al-bum, what a quaint term. Tunes included on the OMG al-bum point the finger of scorn at idiots (‘Will of the People’), excoriate the absurdly rich (‘Coming Over’)and document the process of ageing (‘Wild Old Men’). So there’s nothing new there, then. Gordon bewails consumerism (‘Google World’) and here the proceedings are enlivened by bass clarinet. Clarinet? OMG! Bassist Martin Gordon is old enough to know better. His long career stretches back to Radio Stars and Sparks, both of whom were around in the 1970s. Later he became an unwitting cohort of a variety of loved British pop musicians, including the Rolling Stones, Blur, Primal Scream, Boy George, George Michael, Kylie Minogue and some others. Since then, he has not looked back, although he will not say why.

Anyway, you won’t believe what happened next! In July 2020, this Berlin-based (and now properly German) musician released his 9th solo album in a series which began in 2003. OMG is a collection of comments on our curious times, disguised as pop music and featuring contributions from his regular band with guests on viola and bass clarinet. The critics say things like this about it: ‘Once again it’s a collection of inimitably twisted pop songs, zeroing in on the kind of things that worry some folk, thrill others and pass completely unnoticed by many until Gordon happens to shine a light on them’. And they say: ‘I wasn’t expecting the pure joy these tracks sparked off. I hope Martin doesn’t mind the comparison here to the Radio Stars’. Here’s what some other critics say about it.

There’s a lyric sheet free with every CD. All the words are lovingly rendered in a variety of nauseating Hughs (E&OE). The lyric sheet comes free with any copy of the OMG album bought via the website. Do you even know what a CD is? It looks like this:

Track Listing:

1: Will of the People

2: Coming Over

3: Prelude in C

4: Wild Old Men

5: Google World

6: Does God Believe in Me?

7: Flat-Footed Frank

8: O M G

9: Drone

10: I Know it All

11: Man Overboard

12: Will of the People (remix)


  1. Marco Boi

    9th solo album for this English bass player/composer/singer, now exiled in Germany. The legacy of the ex-Sparks, Jet, Radio Stars is always at its best! I’ve been keeping you informed of my obsession with his music for quite a while. I even think that the man produced a masterpiece by reworking the music and the themes of Gilbert and Sullivan, an album that is one of the records I have listened to the most in the last 10 years (along with the 1st Kyle Craft)!!!

    And so this new album always sets the bar as high, with these incredible songs that settle inside you. Because, like a Ray Davies, Martin Gordon has the art of composing songs that immediately seem to be part of your cultural heritage! More and more direct and less ironic than in the past in his texts (Brexit, Trump – there is no shortage of subjects to be angry for those who believe in human goodness …), music by Martin Gordon is always a beautiful goldsmith who aims to create POPular songs! And once again he gets it PERFECTLY! As tense as it should be, as melodious as necessary, this bold collection of 11 songs constitutes a really very tasty album, which punches you regularly in the back of your brain to remind you to return it very regularly to your turntable! It’s been over 3 months since I received it on sale and I still can’t get enough of it!

    Bertrand Tappaz/ Voix de Garage

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