Thanks For All the Fish


And finally, all your stupidity needs concisely assembled in one place. The album ‘Thanks For All the Fish’ features 15 new tunes, a wealth of guitars and drums, along with ukuleles, cellos, lutes, melodicas and fish.


PLUS you get a real lyric sheet, and the sad Tale of Percy as a pdf. Neil Postman once said that everything is entertainment, including politics, science and reality. But blimey, who needs reality, let’s see what’s on the other channel.

The lights go out, but the beat goes on! In a unique display of artistic savour faire, allied with extraordinary je ne sais quoi, Martin Gordon releases his cri de coeur: Thanks For All the Fish, available as CD with free lyric sheet, as vinyl and as download.

  • Hear the Fishy video-preview over there on the right.
  • You want to know what’s on the album? Go to the track listing.
  • You want to know about the desirable lifestyle-enhancing lyric sheet? Go to the free lyric sheet.
  • A slice of vinyl with that lyric sheet, sir? Hmmm, suits you!
  • Rather nervous  about all this and keen to read what the critics say before committing yourself? Read all about it!

What’s Thanks For All the Fish about?

Well, let’s see. Neil Postman once said that everything is entertainment, including politics and science. Even reality is entertainment, said he. But blimey, who needs reality, let’s see what’s on the other channel. What can mankind, and that includes women, do about the creeping omnipotence of amusement? Flee the planet, just like the dolphins in the Hitchhikers Guide? The aliens will no doubt welcome us with open tentacles, especially given that we’re so welcoming and friendly and just so damn nice.

Thanks For All the Fish taps into the existence-challenging Trump/Brexit zeitgeist. Follow the central character Percy the perceptive and proudly-poofy puffin as he careens from one human-designed disaster to the next before finally making the Ultimate Choice. The sad tales of Percy are to be found right here, and come as a (free) download with every album.

Here’s a full-album preview video, for you to play along in the background while you continue to read. You will miss Percy’s exciting adventures, of course, but you cannot win them all, apparently.

Lyric Sheet:

Remember lyric sheets? We do, with fondness. Having something to hold and read while you wig out to the music was half the fun of getting a new album. And now, with every copy of Thanks For All the Fish ordered directly from Radiant Future Records, you’ll get an old-fashioned lyric sheet. For nothing! Blimey, anyone would think we were all socialists or communists or something. Professionally printed, delicately designed to perfectly partner the album artwork, it is a welcome addition to something beginning with w. It also slips snugly into the back of Words in Your Shell-Like – it’s A5, if you speak DIN.

The lyric sheet is your ideal companion for that perfect evening of apocalyptic misogyny and rapacious hoovering up of resources. And of course it will be signed personally by the creator (that’s Gordon, not God). The lyric sheet will not be available with regular on-line purchases through Amazon and their ilk, nor their elk. Don’t be left out!

‘God’s Not Great’ was the first single release from Thanks For All the Fish:

and then along came Donald Blimp:

and of course our old friends made an appearance:

And your host on this occasion is Percy the Perceptive Puffin. He will extend a wing towards you to steady you as you wander blearily through the Fish soundtrack.

Track list:


1: Idiots: I like a bit of a curve on a banana. Not too bendy, of course, that would be ridiculous, but I’m certainly not going to let unelected bureaucrats in Stalag Luft VII dictate the curvature of my fruit! The British idiot is the finest idiot in the entire world!

2: Political Correctness Gone Mad: Things have changed since I was a lad, I don’t know what it’s all coming to, to be frank. Chuck ’em all out!

3: Thanks For All the Fish: Me and my puffin pals are off, see you!

4: Bad Guys (Sad): It’s obvious there are no bigly choices to be made. It’s either/or, and this is clearly written in black and white. It’s as clear as the driven snow, there is no N-word in the woodpile here.

5: UnPresidented: Unfortunately this one has lost its flavour on the bedpost overnight.

6: The Beast of Ankara: He crept up from behind on innocent Germans and they didn’t hear him coming. This former Radio Stars tune deserved updating.

7: The Weekend is Wunderbar. And then the trousers come down, the Instamatics come out, the nude bathing is mandatory and the sparkling wine is drunk. How please?

8: Half a Chicken. Answer this penetrating question and get a music career. The winner of this show wins (a) half a million quid or (b) half a chicken. Send in your SMS to this premium number right away!

9: Jalapeño. Hot-blooded senoritas are the least of our worries, of course, but you gotta watch those spices. Eye-watering, some of the

10: Dump the Trump. Elsewhere he offers to kick down the door while you are taking a dump, but we mean a different kind of dump here.

11: No Thank You. There are many things that we do not want, and they are listed here.

12: Tiny Mind. Up with this I cannot put. It’s going to drive us all insane. Or me, at any rate.

13: God’s Not Great. Ganesh is the one for me. A blue flute-playing elephant? There’s lovely for you.

14: Grim. The end of life as we know it. Too much sitting, lentils, that sort of thing. Better luck in recall, if there is one.

15: Coda. Anyway, goodbye.


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