The World is Your Lobster


Part III of the Mammal Trilogy.


Part IV of the Mammal Trilogy. This Nobel Prize-winning former stand-in for Charles Atlas and personal friend of James Bond once again lays it fearlessly on the line. He wrestles with la condition humaine in his accustomed manner, but will never really come to terms with it. His existential angst is merely disguised as joi de vivre.

Track list:

  1. Pop Goes Bang
  2. What Would Jesus Drive?
  3. Mirror Mirror
  4. He Was the Best
  5. Am I Alone?
  6. A Policeman’s Lot is Not a Happy One
  7. No Offers At All
  8. Don’t Do As I Do Do
  9. Hey Bulldog
  10. My Dog’s Got No Nose
  11. Less and Less on Earth
  12. Just Say Wee
  13. No More Limbo
  14. Witch Came First
  15. It’s a Wonderful Life

So, it’s about that time again. As the world descends into fundamentalist chaos, feudal barbarism and futile reality-TV shows, here comes Martin Gordon with a new album. Perhaps timing was never his strong point. But on the other hand, perhaps it was. It’s clear from the cover, on which the Lobster of the title bravely struggles with the weight of the imploding and exploding world in the manner of the ancient mythological Greek lobster whose name currently escapes me, that this is no trite grappling with pop-cultural mores in the time-honoured manner of r’n’b divas and boy bands. This, frankly, is one Lobster that would rather chew its legs off than line-dance. It has, in a very real but figurative, manner, come to redeem the world from its sins; it is the Lobster of God risen from the deep to absolve the non-crustacean of their earthly burden. It’s five minutes to midnight, says the Lobster, and you’d better listen up! Else you’ll turn into a pumpkin, innit. And explode. And that would be rather messy. So listen up! Oh, I said that already.


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